Sales Talent Acquisition

The 5% Method® is a predictable, project-based delivery process that quickly brings the top 5% of best-fit, B2B sales and sales leadership talent to the hiring table.
Securing the right sales and sales leadership talent for your business is critical to driving sales growth. Traditional recruitment methods, however, rarely deliver sales talent that makes a meaningful impact. To access the 5% of high-calibre, B2B sales talent with the combined want, ability and culture fit to make a significant contribution to your business, a much more considered approach is required. Blending employer branding, the latest technology and a highly targeted yet personalised form of headhunting, The 5% Method has been proven more than a hundred times over and is trusted by ReillyScott clients of all sizes, across dozens of sectors, to recruit key B2B sales and sales leadership positions.

Sales Operations Consulting

New trends in B2B selling are forcing business leaders to rethink their sales model. 

What Is Sales Operations

Sales Operations refers to the operational elements required to support sales team performance including technology, talent attraction/selection, sales process, team structure etc.

New trends in B2B selling are forcing business leaders to rethink their sales model and how they attract and retain top sales talent. Companies that consistently meet and exceed sales targets understand the importance of getting their Sales Operations right.

Sales Operations Consulting Modules

  • Sales team structure design

  • Sales process design

  • Sales technology selection and planning

  • Sales compensation design

Problems We Solve

Without the foundational elements of sales operations in place we see companies experience one or all of the following;

  • Unable to attract and retain top sales talent
  • Not achieving sales targets
  • Over investment in sales training
  • Over investment in sales recruitment due to wrong people hired and/or inability to retain
  • Uninspired/unmotivated sales team culture
  • Lack of clarity leading to underperformance

Our process

Step 1

Sales Operations

Initial exploratory meeting to understand the strength of your current sales operations.

Step 2


Areas to implement and associated timeframes. Plus, some quick wins you can take action on straight away.

Step 3


A ReillyScott consultant implements the required modules either remotely or onsite.