Sales Team Restructuring + Design

Accelerate sales growth with a clearly defined sales team structure

Designing a robust sales team structure is crucial for continued sales growth at every stage. Exceptional sales teams are deliberately engineered to deliver on sales strategy and achieve sales targets. Introduce a clear structure for your sales team and increase sales growth by matching the right talent with well-defined roles.

ReillyScott helps companies design and optimise a sales team structure that will achieve sales targets. We work with established organisations that need to restructure their sales teams and assist start-ups or SMEs in growth mode by designing sales teams from the ground up.

Advantages of sales structure optimisation
  • Enhanced alignment with sales strategy to reach targets and support growth
  • Increased visibility of headcount with a clear hiring plan for 1-5 years
  • More engaged team members in well-defined roles with lower attrition levels
  • Greater clarity for sales team members in remote roles
Existing B2B sales teams

ReillyScott can help restructure your existing sales team to respond to changed market conditions or address sales performance gaps. Our team will develop a custom structure that promotes accountability, attracts top tier talent, and ensures more predictable sales revenue.

Re-structuring an existing sales team goes beyond design, it involves objectively assessing the existing team against the new model and carefully managing the transition. The role out is phased depending on the size of the sales team.

Companies often select one of the common sales team models (e.g., “The Pod”, “The Assembly Line”, “The Island”, or “Hunter/Farmer”) to guide their sales team structure design. Our approach is different, we start by understanding your unique sales process and specific buyer behaviours then develop a customised structure which is aligned to growth targets.


ReillyScott helps start-ups by designing the right sales team structure from the outset to scale faster, reduce growing pains, and build a performance culture. We develop a clearly phased plan for the sales team build, in partnership with the sales leader (sometimes the CEO) to align with the sales strategy. Generally, we engage with start-ups in the early funding stages to secure the right sales leader, then design a highly optimised sales team structure with clear hiring triggers.

Privately owned SMEs

ReillyScott helps privately owned SMEs accelerate sales growth by shifting an often limiting, adhoc approach to hiring and putting in place a clearly defined hiring plan and sales team structure. The timeline for building the sales team is typically aligned with revenue/profit milestones and the sales strategy.

Virtual Selling

Recent global events have fast-tracked the trend towards virtual selling being interwoven into sales team structures more formally. Companies that quickly evolve have a unique opportunity to outmanoeuvre their competitors and capture market share.

Sales teams that have been built primarily for customer facing may be suitable for integrating new methods of buyer interaction. The opportunity to increase sales revenue by increasing selling time exists for several industries. Sectors that are a great fit for implementing virtual selling include technology, industrial companies with products requiring limited customisation, business services, companies selling standardised products, etc.

Exceptional sales teams are deliberately engineered to deliver on sales targets consistently.


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