We invite you to share valuable insights to help sales leaders drive growth, revenue and enhance performance.

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About Us

Why partner with

We work with some of Australia’s and New Zealand’s largest brands (now, in our tenth year) across key industries including building and construction, tech, start-ups, mining, gas and goods and services to name a few.

We know sales leaders and managers are craving great content on how to build strong, sustainable and highly effective sales teams, and we’d be thrilled to partner with you to capture and share your expertise.

Take advantage of the added benefit of getting your brand in front of a new audience. You’ll receive a copy of the digital assets to use and share as you see fit.

What's involved

Showcasing your
Expert Insights

We would like to interview you via a recorded Zoom where you’ll share your expert insights tailored to sales leaders.

Here’s how it will work:

1. Advise or select a topic you would like to discuss (or topics; suggestions below)

2. We’ll schedule a recorded Zoom meeting where I’ll ask you questions relating to your chosen topic (please allow up to an hour for the interview). Questions will be provided in advance. I can draft these or we can develop them together.

3. The most valuable segments of our discussion will be selected to make an extended video as well as several vignettes. Our video editor will compile and finesse these segments, delivering professional, polished and ready to share video assets.

Timing – We can work around your schedule, be it sometime this year or early next year. Please advise if you are interested and we can discuss the logistics and timing.

Example topics

We’ve identified a range of topics we’d like to showcase throughout our video series for sales leaders. You may wish to discuss one or several of these topics with us.

We do also welcome suggestions from you if there’s another topic for sales leaders you’d like to discuss with us.

The invitation is open to others within your organisation if there’s an opportunity to interview multiple people about a common topic or different topics.

If there is someone else in your business you would like to nominate for an interview instead of yourself, I’d welcome that opportunity also.

A topic of your choice *for sales leaders

Improving performance & driving profitability with technology

Sales leadership & emotional intelligence

Sales operations – obstacles, fundamentals and best practice

Achieving targets with sales enablement & technology

Deploying and optimising hybrid and remote sales teams

AI in sales – getting a good balance of technology & humancentric

What to know to improve operational efficiency

To learn more or advise of your willingness to be involved, contact me today.



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