Recap on the past few weeks

  • Microsoft have changed their anti-spam and sending capacities – we had to move back to GMAIL for our outbound marketing sending. This was a huge task as we didn’t want to change again but after hours of troubleshooting it was our best option to move forward and start sending. 
  • Although it is a slower send per minute (10 emails) we were still able to send out 12,000 emails – 360 responses – turning into 14 A Leads and 22 B Leads.

Current Projects & Tasks continued

  • Last week Em was away for a few days so I got to manage Emma’s inbox and book some calls. It was great to go through Em’s process and appreciate all the hard work that happens in BD.
  • Hubspot integration is only a few days away from being completed. 
  • Apollo data is not as good as it was sold as being – High bounce rate of around 40% of email addresses – which was really disappointing…. I was able to find 2500 new contacts from the database. There were – 3 – A Leads and 1 B Leads from that exercise. My recommendation is to revisit ZoomInfo in the new year. 
  • Rolled out RocketReach in the Admin Tracker Account.
  • Recap of the year for Outbound
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