Website updates coming soon

  1. Our Work page – project overviews that showcase the work we did with clients from a range of industries and roles (I use the op overviews to gather copy so it’s important these are available in Tracker or Google Drive so I can locate these)
  2. New menu structure to show our three key services:
    1. Sales Leadership Talent Acquisition
    2. Sales Team Talent Acquisition
    3. Sales Operations Consulting

Website Updates - LIVE

Changes are now live with the aim of better promoting Sales Leadership positions. These are reflected on the:

Other marketing & Upcoming

Priorities for Jan:
  • Facebook advertising – this was launched on Monday 
  • Transcribing the interviews with our sales partners to create unique content that will be shared on socials and our Insights page
  • HubSpot (CRM) integration – synching our marketing channels and setting up the relevant reporting 

Ongoing & upcoming:

  • Partner series continued – interviewing CEOs of progressive and leading companies (if any clients come to mind, please let me know)
  • Staff photo shoot 
  • Video case studies 
  • Continue building out project overviews for the Our Work page 
  • Client testimonials