Drive revenue growth with the right sales compensation plan

The traditional sales team structure is evolving to meet new market conditions, and compensation plans that have delivered growth in the past are now failing to produce results.

Designing a sales compensation plan that rewards the highest value behaviours across individual sales roles is now critical for achieving consistent revenue growth. Sales teams that continually meet or exceed targets are being properly incentivised with compensation plans that carefully align rewards with role-specific behaviours to deliver strong sales growth.

Advantages of effective sales compensation planning
  • Increased sales performance and revenue growth as compensation aligns with behaviours that generate results
  • Significantly easier to attract and retain top sales talent with compensation that consistently incentivises the right behaviours
  • Greater engagement across your sales team with clear visibility of the behaviours that deliver higher performance
Incentivise role specific behaviours

ReillyScott helps companies increase sales performance by designing an optimised compensation plan that attracts top sales talent, engages sales teams, and incentivises the right behaviours. We work with your sales team to identify the role-specific behaviours responsible for achieving sales growth and develop a compensation plan that consistently rewards these actions so that they can be proactively repeated.

Aligning sales compensation plans with individual sales roles is essential for effectively incentivising teams at all levels. For example, senior sales leaders’ compensation plans may require incentives around both long-term strategic goals and short to mid-term sales targets. Whereas, new business development managers’ incentives may be based on obtaining new clients and growing these new accounts in the short to mid-term.

Create a customised plan

Our team will assist with increasing revenue growth by introducing a sales compensation plan that will deliver clarity to each role and allow team members to focus on behaviours that produce results. The sales compensation design that we deliver for your company will be custom developed to align with your sales strategy, customers, and sales team’s unique requirements to provide maximum growth through effective incentive alignment.

Maximum growth through effective incentive alignment.


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