Sales Recruitment Strategy

A Commitment to Sales Growth Means a Commitment to Securing A-grade Proactive Sales Talent

Having the right, high-calibre sales and sales leadership talent in place is critical to seeing through proactive sales strategies. Getting the talent piece wrong will cost you in more ways than one.
Sales Team Strategy

Shifting to a Proactive
Sales Model

Truly proactive B2B sales organisations are in the minority. This creates a significant opportunity for those that get it right, regardless of size. Many sub-200 headcount, B2B companies think they’re more proactive than they are. Employing outbound hunters or office-based lead generation teams are…
Sales Hire Readiness

5 Things You Must Get Right, Before You Recruit, to Secure the Best B2B Sales Talent

The success of your next B2B sales hire will be largely determined by the action you take in five key areas. How well does your business attract, convert, support and retain high quality sales talent?
Sales Enablement

Teams with Dedicated Sales Enablement have Higher Win Rates

Proactive sales organisations have the content and systems in place to stay ahead of the competition and close more business. As detailed in CSO Insights’ most recent Sales Enablement Study, sales teams with dedicated sales enablement in place achieve…
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Sales Talent Onboarding

5 Steps to Get Traction Quickly with a New Sales Hire

The time it takes for newly hired sales professionals to start performing can have a significant impact on any size business, particularly for companies with less than 200 employees. Considering the effects of COVID-19 it is more critical than ever.
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Sales Recruitment Strategy

3 Common Sales Recruitment Mistakes Costing Time & Money

As the market opens back up and business continues to improve, expect an increase in top sales and sales leadership professionals leaving their current employers for more fulfilling career opportunities.