Assessment & Profiling

Over 40% of ALL new Australian hires fail within the first 18 months, 89% due to poor culture fit or personality mismatches to roles.

Improve your chances for hiring success

We provide access to a variety of assessments, tailored to suit the needs of your assignment. Each providing valuable insight not readily apparent in face-to-face interviews, including:

  • Hard-wired values and personality traits
  • Intelligence levels and ability to learn
  • Communication ability
  • Sales approach

ReillyScott consultants can facilitate these assessments, interpret the results and leverage them to identify candidates with a “high probability for success” in your business based on pre-determined benchmarks.


Benchmark against…

  • Your Top Performers – Discover the common values and personality traits of your current top performers and identify candidates that share the same.
  • ReillyScott Industry Norms – Measure candidates against aptitudes common to top performers in multiple positions across a variety of industries.

Hiring managers are presented with easy to read reports that provide additional insight needed to confidently employ and successfully manage. Job Fit reports are available for short-listed ReillyScott candidates and absorbed in the placement fee when working with us on an exclusive basis.