Sales Targets

ReillyScott helps B2B companies drive sales growth through a mix of specialist recruitment and consulting.


Sales Talent Acquisition


Secure high calibre B2B sales talent and drive revenue growth. The 5% Method ® is ReillyScott’s proven and predictable process that quickly secures the right sales and sales leadership talent for your business.


Strengthen the structures required to attract, retain and support a high performing sales team. ReillyScott’s specialist consulting in sales team restructuring and compensation planning, supports more consistent and profitable revenue growth.

Evan Wong
The 5% method gave me comfort that the process was rigorous, focused and robust; we knew that the entire market had been covered. As a multi award-winning, enterprise software company, we needed an immediate yet long-term solution. The word partner is loosely used in business but that’s exactly what ReillyScott was. ReillyScott was very strategic and helped us problem solve what was actually needed long-term and thoroughly secured the right solution, rather than just simply filling the roles. The quality of candidates presented was higher than any other recruiter we’ve worked with before, or that we would have got if we did the recruiting in-house.”
Thomas Rugg
Senior Vice President - Global Sales and Marketing
Briggs & Stratton
ReillyScott’s combination of specialised consulting and targeted head hunt campaigns have resulted in us securing higher calibre sales talent than we have been able to historically using more traditional recruitment companies.”
Mervyn Kark
Managing Director
MKM Capital
The service, national reach and quality of candidates secured for the different roles was prompt and thorough with an excellent selection of high calibre candidates – allowing us to make an informed choice. As a result, we doubled our sales team and to date, we’re getting good traction in the states of SA and WA where we now have a presence.”
Michael Hatcher
Wine Operations Manager
Bunnamagoo Wines
I was impressed with the high calibre of candidates that were presented to us. Different from other agencies, I felt the focus was firmly on us and our needs. I felt there was always a clear alignment between ReillyScott and Bunnamagoo in recruiting the right people for the specific roles. ReillyScott’s approach was pragmatic, flexible and very responsive; and their service and communication was thorough and collaborative, without involving unnecessary or time demanding steps in the process.”
Owen Neochi
Chief Operating Officer
ReillyScott’s a different standard compared to other recruiters in terms of understanding our business and their level of expertise of sales roles. We provide industry-leading driver safety monitoring systems so we’re a unique business and ReillyScott got that. The candidates shortlisted were bang on for what we expected, both with the right backgrounds and culturally, a perfect fit. The 5% Method was very time effective and a process that was by far much better. We knew we needed someone specialised and ReillyScott understood that and picked the right people.”
Heath Caban
Managing Director
As infrastructure and cloud consulting specialists dealing with the tier 1 banking space, we required a very particular skillset to help launch a new arm to our business. ReillyScott got the brief and didn’t waste our time. They quickly engaged a number of qualified professionals and presented a wide range of suitable options, which led us to secure the right candidate for our business in a very niche market. I have no hesitation recommending their services.”
Tiernan White
General Manager
Allcott Hire
I’m impressed with both the calibre of talent delivered and their level of engagement at time of interview. It’s an efficient way to hire and an immense time saver. ReillyScott’s played a significant role in the positive momentum occurring here at Allcott Hire.”
Orla Kassis
Sales Director
Quay Consulting
The communication throughout our engagements was fantastic, the quality of the talent they provided was excellent. I would highly recommend ReillyScott to any company looking for outstanding customer service and great outcomes.”
Damian McRostie
National Sales Manager
Eagle Lighting Australia
ReillyScott’s helped us to fill a number of key sales leadership positions. They get the brief and do a great job engaging the well-rounded talent we’re after.”
Drew Hoxey
ANZ National Sales Director
Our Experience with ReillyScott has been truly amazing. A seamless experience from start to finish. Not only have we found the perfect colleague for our business (which was no easy task as we are a close team), we had an amazing journey along the way.”
Bruce Robson
Group Managing Director
Robot Coupe
Each candidate we have employed through ReillyScott is still with our business, which is testament to the fact that ReillyScott genuinely understands our needs technically, professionally, and culturally. Their process for sourcing and vetting the right candidates is second to none.”
Jez Pile
Chief Technical Officer
Muddy Boots Software
ReillyScott are not your normal recruitment and consulting company, they exceeded expectations. They were proactive in communication, listened to our requirements, understood well, and fulfilled the brief accurately.”
Leann Webb
Managing Director
Aurora Marketing
I have engaged ReillyScott to recruit key roles for me in multiple locations around Australia and have been delighted every time. Our team is getting stronger and more impressive by the day, and ReillyScott has had a large part to play in that.”