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The unexpected resignation of a top-producing sales professional can have significant negative impacts on any business.  With all that’s involved in securing and ramping-up a suitable replacement, 3-6 months or more may pass before revenues recover. To limit your financial losses and minimise other harmful effects a sales vacancy can have on your company (i.e. […]

It’s becoming more common for interviewers to ask some out of the box questions when screening potential hires. Hiring managers want to see how applicants think on their feet. The ability to respond to a difficult or unexpected question is particularly important for sales people as they will often encounter this challenge during the sales […]

The length of time it takes for newly hired sales professionals to start performing can have a significant impact on any size business. When a sales professional starts strong and achieves success in the first 3-12 months, the benefits to the organisation and individual are clear. Alternatively if they start slow it can be an […]